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Sam Khan
(Founder & CEO)

Sam Khan started his career in the early 1970s as a construction contractor, and over the years has developed a successful group of property companies, which have completed a number of major developments in London and the surrounding areas.He is an entrepreneur and the key to his success is his focus and determination.

Bilal Khan
(Founder & Senior Executive)

Bilal Khan has over 20 year’s of extensive experience in construction and property development. He specializes in sourcing, construction and sales. He has valuable experience in acquisitions, planning, and delivering development projects.

Raza Khan
(Founder & Senior Executive)

Raza Khan hold’s a Bsc and heads Samson Estates. He has over 15 years’ extensive experience in acquisitions, Land & New homes, property investment, sales and capital growth.His focus and experience in the property sector are invaluable.

Rohan Khan
(Senior Structural Engineer & Designer)

Rohan Khan hold’s a MEng in structural engineering and heads Samson Space. His experience is extensive, covering the commercial, residential, retail, leisure, educational, health and transportation sectors of the market. He has engineered and delivered high - quality projects in the UK. His approach is meritocratic and he believes that good design doesnt need to cost the earth.

Mohsin Khan
(Senior Architectural Designer)

Mohsin Khan hold’s a first - class BA (Hons) in Architecture and heads Samson Space He is experienced in a range of high end residential and commercial projects from concept to planning and design. He is a talented designer and our in-house planning expert, heading numerous commercial office refurbishment and renovations. His designs have a 100% success rate.